Monday, February 20, 2012

A tale of two boards

Last year I decided to pool my pennies together and actually buy a proper cutting board. Up until then I had been using a smallish, albeit, quite thick board. I had purchased it at, of all places, Shoppers Drug Mart. It was made of a lesser wood, not sure which, but it mostly did the trick. Anyway, I went to Williams-Sonoma and bought a beautiful, heavy, dark acacia wood cutting board, retail price: $89.95. Luckily, I got it on sale and spent something like sixty bucks on it. Anyway, all seemed well. I re-purposed my Shoppers Drug Mart board as an under-the-toaster-crumb-catcher, and got busy chopping on my new board. I also bought the food-grade mineral oil that comes with it so that I could oil it and keep it supple and straight.

Well, apparently I did not oil it quite enough, as the other day, a large split had formed in it. Within a second day, the split had grown. Damn. What a disappointment. Since, I've done some more research and have found that acacia wood is probably not ideal for someone who does the amount of chopping that I do. Moreover, I've read that some people claim it actually dulls knives. Sigh. Back to the Shoppers Drug Mart board. The eighty dollar acacia wood board is now my toaster holder. Next time, I'm going straight up maple. I dont' care how much it costs me!

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