Sunday, February 12, 2012

Toronto Underground Sample Day

I won't go into recipes details here, but suffice to say, I've finished my sample day and I feel pretty...okay...about it. The problem with my kind of cooking is that it is best served up immediately, fresh out of the pan. Especially given that this time I have a lot of fried food; the quality deteriorates within seconds of coming out of the fryer. I had to race it across town and then re-warm in the on-location oven. I think my chips were probably soggy and the insides of my croquettes had probably gone a bit cold, but I'm sure that the samplers are well aware of this drawback to the process. As always, they were lovely people, and it was good to see Hassel again (the market organizer - who I now know reads this blog occassionaly, yay me). 

Fingers crossed.

Anyway, here's what I served.

This dish (above) is a returning dish from last time. Called "Fish and Chips", it's cod fish cakes, hand-cut chips, home-made tartar sauce and green pea pesto. Garnished with pea shoots. 

The next dish I called "Victory Garden Croquettes". They are basically zucchini fritters, deep fried and served with an herby yogurt sauce and a radish remoulade.

The last dish I called "Welsh Rarebit Fry-up". The dish consists of french fries (or more properly, 'chips')  smothered in a Welsh cheddar and beer sauce, scorched with a blow torch and garnished with sauteed leeks and double smoked bacon lardons. As you can see, after a few minutes, this one will quickly become a congealing soggy mess. Sigh. Hope it all goes well.

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