Friday, March 9, 2012

French Breakfast Radish

Yes, they are out of season.  Yes they were imported from a posh specialized California farm. But damn, are they not beautiful? These babies are called French breakfast radishes, and no, I didn't have them for breakfast. I am a big fan of radishes. I think they're one of those really under-rated vegetables. I've roasted them (ho hum), grilled them (interesting), but raw they are divine. I cleaned them up, and simply served them with a bit of rock salt and a sauce grebiche (similar to a tartar sauce). They are milder and sweeter than typical North American red radishes, and they are so much more beautiful. I found these at the Maple Leaf Gardens Loblaws - a store I find myself going back to again and again to throw away my money on little distractions like these. I also bought an entire pot of 'living' pea shoots (they are growing wildly in my window sill) and I bought baby carrots and baby zucchinis - over priced, but oh so decadent. I will be putting all these little finds to use for a special dinner I am planning this Sunday. More to come! 

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