Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kensington Market still delivers: Rhode Island Reds

Lean and mean - these birds have gotten some fresh air and exercise
Another unsettlingly beautiful day, another walk around Kensington. I got some tacos at El Trompo (yum) for lunch, and then on to the important stuff - meat. As much as the stuff in Sanagan's Meat Locker can be really expensive (with good reason, see my blog here), there are couple of things that I think are reasonably priced, such as their chicken, which is basically on par with the grocery store organic birds. Today I saw the most amazing, yellow skinned, red footed chickens - Rhode Island Reds! This variety of chicken, far in the past, was a very typical sight on farms and even in large backyards. It is a prolific egg layer and a rather hearty species bred for the climate of North America. They are no longer ubiquitous and some variants are actually considered endangered. The grocery store chicken that is so common in North America is a cross breed of rather 'chesty' Cornish birds - no lean and mean reds to be found at No Frills. Anyway, I saw these and had to have them. I will report forthwith once they have been prepared and consumed.

Rough, gnarly and awesome
Today was a double discovery, for I found yet another variant of one of my favourite veg - a watermelon radish! I can't wait to cut that sucker open (will it be pink like a watermelon? I want to be surprised, so I will fight the urge to do a google image search). All in good time.

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