Monday, March 19, 2012

Post St. Patrick's Day leftovers - Dubliner Cheese Potato Cakes

Crispy and delicious

I didn't have a lot of leftovers from the St. Patrick's Day feast, but there was a goodly amount of champ, or as we call it, mashed spuds leftover. I also had a really good chunk of Dubliner Cheese left over. This cheese is a nice mild, mature cheese with a rind that is a little crunchy with salt crystals. Delicious! So here's what I did:

I took the mash, about two to three cups worth (which was cold), and added a single egg, about a quarter cup of the grated Dubliner cheese, a tablespoon of flour and a whole onion, sliced, sauteed and cooled. Lastly, I added in a crank of pepper and a pinch of whole caraway seeds. I did not add salt because the mash was already seasoned and the cheese brings its own salt to the party. Mix this concoction thoroughly and then form them into golf ball-sized spheres. Then create a breading station. Get a three shallow bowls, and fill one with seasoned flour, one with a vigorously beaten egg and the last with breadcrumbs (I have my own homemade, but store bought will work - even panko might be interesting). Then start breading the balls by dipping in flour, then egg then bread crumbs. Once full coated, shape each ball into a little puck or cake and put on a parchment paper lined tray (for easy clean up). I managed about seven substantial potato cakes out of these left overs. Then get a large, deep skillet on a high heat and put about an inch of a neutral oil in the bottom of it (I used grapeseed oil). Let the oil get good and hot and then start frying your cakes in batches (say two or three at a time - do not crowd the pan!). Using a fish slice or spatula, periodically check to see how far the browning has come on the bottom of each cake. When satisfactory, carefully flip them until the other side is also brown. Then put on a cookie sheet and finish in a 375 F oven for about five additional minutes. I served mine with soft poached egg perched atop the crispy cake along with a simple tomato salad as a garnish. A flavoured mayonnaise would work well here, or as was the case with my kids, good old ketchup. Either way, these were a crispy cheesy treat which proves the old adage that sometimes the leftovers are better than the original dish.

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