Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Glimmer of Hope for the Beech Tree

Today it was announced that several of the vendors at the Toronto Underground Market had moved up in the world on to bigger and more exciting things: you could almost call it a graduation. The biggest announcement, and in my mind, the least surprising, is that Andrew Richmond's 'La Carnita' is finally moving into the next phase and will be establishing something permanent. Andrew's tacos have taken on a cult-like status in the city. His amazingly creative approach to tacos combined with a savvy use of social media has resulted in a success story that is exactly what the Toronto Underground Market is all about. (Andrew, by the way, is also a really nice guy who saved my hide at the last market by helping me sort out my deep fryer) Anyway, he has a day job in an office, and like me, dreamt of getting out of the rat race and doing something he loved - cooking. He is several steps ahead of me and has really got these open markets down to a science. I have much learning to do, but his success is nothing short of epic inspiration for me (and no doubt a bunch of other vendors). I'll bide my time and hope that I can follow in Andrew's footsteps. Congrats to La Carnita. I'm looking forward to being one of their first customers!

La Carnita

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