Saturday, April 7, 2012

Good Friday Leftovers: Fish Cakes and Horseradish Chili Mayo

Good Friday dinner last night was a very generous slab of organic Irish salmon (baked), along with a good buttery whack of mashed spuds. There was also some wild caught Atlantic shrimp which went into a very retro shrimp cocktail (peel them, de-vein, steam then chill, serve in a martini glass with homemade cocktail sauce). No shrimp survived the night, however there was a goodly chunk of fish and pile of mashed left. Ergo, fish cakes for lunch on Saturday. They couldn't be simpler to make: flake the fish and fold into the leftover spuds with a single egg and a glug of olive oil. How much fish and how much mash? Doesn't matter. It's whatever you've got. More fish is a fishier fish cake, more mash is a potato-y fish cake. Either are delicious as well as thrifty. Form the fishy potato mush into balls and then roll in some panko. Flatten into little cakes and fry in batches in oil on a medium heat. Finish in a 375F oven for about ten minutes. Serve with mayonnaise (make your own or use store bought), spiked with freshly grated horseradish and a little pickled chilies.

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