Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Scratch Mushroom Soup and another Welsh Rabbit

Swimming lessons. Tired, cranky kids. Solution: give 'em something simple for dinner, just for them - don't be ashamed. Cut some raw carrots if it makes you feel better. Their dinner should go from freezer to oven and take no more than 18 minutes to cook. Then send them to bed. Next step, get a nice fire going in the fireplace and have a late night pantry dinner that doesn't have to please anyone but you. Take a few dried mushrooms in a bowl and pour over boiling water. Then in a sauce pan, get some butter nice and hot and sweat down some very finely diced celery and onion. Toss in a few sliced fresh button mushrooms. Then pour in the dried mushrooms and the hot liquid it's steeping in. Follow that with a few bay leaves, enough water to constitute a couple of good bowl's worth of soup and generously season. Put on a lid and let it bubble away. In the meantime, grate up some fine aged cheddar. We make really good stuff in Canada these days. Then put it in a sauce pan with a glug of half and half, a few shakes of Lea & Perrins, a little tip from the brew in your pint glass, some English mustard and then a spoon of flour. Mix it all around on a gentle heat until it reaches the consistency of a thick pancake batter. Pour it out on to some crispy toast and get it under the broiler. While that starts to bubble and blacken, pull out the bay leaves from your soup, and get a bit of cream in there. Assemble everything on a plate (and a bowl). I put a few microgreens in the soup - but then again, who the heck has microgreens in their fridge? Skip 'em. Then get that ooey, gooey Welsh rarebit on a plate next to your soup. Sup next to the crackling hearth with glass of something red.

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