Sunday, June 10, 2012

Patatas Bravas with Blood Pudding

This dish was created quite by accident; a quick assembly of leftovers and whatever I had on hand for a solo lunch. I had the leftover potato salad (recipe in previous blog post) along with some black pudding and some jarred Italian hot chillies. This kind of flavour pairing is usual something I wouldn't even share with anyone - kind of a 'garbage plate' really. However, as I tucked into this (an unassuming quick late lunch between chores), I had to stop for a moment. This was actually one of the best tasting things I had ever eaten. It was extraordinary. Smooth and fleshy potatoes, just slightly warm, the crumbly black pudding cooked in a bit of butter with a generous tablespoon of hot and oily Italian chillies. It was salty, sweet, sour and creamy. It had a range of textures that was most pleasurable to chew. Occasionally I got a pop of a caper or the unexpected perfume of a basil leaf then the searing and salty heat of the cured chillies. I removed the black pudding from its casing so it was free to crisp up in the butter into what could almost be described as a 'crumble' This dish had it all! I named it patatas bravas only because in Spain, a popular tapas dish is simple potatoes and chillies with olive oil - this reminded me of that. No recipe though. I just don't have it in me to annotate it. I'm still marvelling at the success of this seemingly wayward lunch. I will explore this wonder and then, maybe, I'll be ready to write a recipe.

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